What To Expect During Your Stay

Skilled nursing with 24/7 expert care to ease your stay.

Your Arrival

Because your family is an important part of the treatment process, we strongly encourage a family member to come with you on the first day. If you will be transported to our facility by ambulance, your family should follow and assist with check-in.

What to expect during your first day

Your Room

After showing you to your room, the nurse will explain the basics of the rehab care and how you and your family will be involved.

Meet Your Treatment Team

Throughout the day, some of the members of your team will introduce themselves and prepare you for what to expect in your therapy program. The nurse will take your history and perform a physical assessment. A physician will participate in developing your medical plan of care. The social worker will also meet with you to gather your input and address any questions or concerns you might have.


Someone in the admissions office will be in contact with you to make an appointment in order to fill out admission paperwork.

Time Of Arrival

Depending on your time of arrival, some of the above may happen the same day or possibly the next day.

What to Bring

  • Comfortable clothes such as sweat suits, exercise clothes, shorts, t-shirt
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Sneakers or shoes that provide good support
  • Toiletries and grooming aides including toothbrush, tooth-paste, powders, and lotions
  • Medical equipment such CPAP, BIPAP, reading glasses, hearing aides, customized assistive devices
  • Items for relaxation such as books, magazines, knitting needles, playing cards
  • Laptop computer if you’d like (free wireless Internet service is provided)

Getting Started

Early in your stay, we hold a care conference to discuss goal , treatment schedule and length of stay. This is done with input from you and your family to make sure the care plan meets your goals.


Please leave all drugs, sedatives, narcotics, medicated lotions, and ointments at home. Your attending physician must prescribe all medicine you will use while you are here, and they will be dispensed by our pharmacy. This ensures your medications are coordinated by one health care professional.

Your Room

When you arrive, you will be assigned to a room. Most rooms are semi-private, so you should plan to have the company of a roommate. A limited number of private rooms are available for patients with special needs or whose medical condition may require privacy. Please feel free to decorate the room and bring any furniture or pictures that make it feel like home.

During Your Stay


Breakfast 8:00 am
Lunch 12:00 pm
Dinner 5:00 pm

Menus are in your welcome packet and substitutes are always available.


This is a non smoking facility. The tobacco-free policy applies to anyone on the grounds, including employees, volunteers, medical staff, patients, and visitors.


Family members and friends are important members of the care team and are welcome to visit you at anytime.

Mail, Flowers & Other Items Delivered Daily

Your mail, flowers, and other items will be delivered to your room each day. You mail should be addressed:
6900 Beechmont Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45230

Discharge & Transfer

Your social worker coordinates your care throughout your rehabilitation experience. This includes providing you and your family with education and training to help you when you return home. He or she will speak with you and your family members to discuss your discharge needs and options and help make your transition to the next level of care as smooth as possible. All our services, including inpatient rehabilitation, day treatment, outpatient, and home health, are connected, and care is coordinated from one setting to the another. You will be discharged when you meet any of the following discharge criteria:

  • You meet your rehabilitation goals or your progress plateaus.
  • You would benefit from a less intensive rehabilitation program.
  • You are well enough to be cared for in a less intensive care setting.
  • You do not consistently participate in therapy each day.
  • You may be asked to leave if your choices prevent you from making progress in rehab or put you or others at risk.

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