Caring For Our Nations Veterans

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Eligible veterans can not only receive nursing home care at a VA medical center (i.e., community living center) but also a private or public nursing home like Mt. Washington Care Center.

VA-Paid Contract Nursing Home

Currently, there is no limit on the length of time a veteran can remain in a VA-paid contract nursing home like Mt. Washington Care Center (called either community nursing home care or contract nursing home care). VA will ensure, however, all alternatives to other available resources are addressed, such as home health care and adult day health care, before a contract nursing home is the first resort.

How It Works

Each VA medical center maintains a list of approved available local nursing homes they conduct contracts with. The purpose of VA contracting with community nursing homes is to meet the needs of veterans requiring long-term care in their own community, while remaining close to their families.

VA nursing home care is for veterans too sick, disabled or elderly to care for their self, but do not require hospital care.


Veterans with a combined service-connected disability rating of 70 percent or more have priority. If space and resources are available, VA can also provide nursing home care to veterans rated below 70 percent and non-service connected veterans––but for a limited amount of time.

State’s Veterans Homes

Many states operate state veterans homes to provide care to veterans, spouses, and surviving spouses. Most states receive some type of VA funding to cover a portion of the cost of the veteran’s care. State homes provide hospital care, nursing home care, and domiciliary care. State homes are inspected annually and audited by VA to ensure they meet certain standards.

Since most states have their own eligibility requirements for admission, veterans and advocates will need to contact the individual state home for information.

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